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Meet the MPFC coronavirus testing team!

Our lastest adapatation to the COVID-19 situation is the creation of a dedicated coronavirus

Travel Mandate Questions?

With so many questions around coronavirus testing mandates for visitors and residents of Alaska,

Coronavirus testing updates for mandate and employment needs

Mandates got you musing? At MPFC we have simplified the coronavirus testing process for

Wear your mask to MPFC!

Childhood Vaccination Rates are Dropping in the COVID Era

Yikes! COVID-19 has led to a significant DROP in childhood vaccinations. Let’s work together

Celebrating our graduates…

This week we are celeberating our MPFC family graduates. We wish a hearty congratulations

Drive-Up Coronavirus Testing at MPFC

We are now conducting drive-up coronavirus testing at MPFC. This testing is generally ordered

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New: Coronavirus Travel Testing at MPFC

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