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Leslie D. Tolliver II, M.S, PA-C

Leslie D. Tolliver II spent most of his early years traveling around the globe with his father, a US Air Force flight mechanic, mother and sibling before settling down in Anchorage, Alaska in 1992. Upon graduating High School, PA Tolliver went on to earn several undergraduate degrees, including a Bachelor s in Aviation Technology, from the University of Alaska Anchorage. His goal was to commission into the US Air Force and become a military pilot.

While obtaining his undergraduate degrees, PA Tolliver also held various full time positions throughout Providence Alaska Medical Center. It was not until meeting his college sweetheart, now wife, which influenced him to pursue medicine rather than aviation. He is now a graduate of both University of Washington School of Medicine- MEDEX Program and University of Nebraska Medical Center.

PA Tolliver has over 10 years of medical exposure within the operating room setting alone. He is currently trained in pre, intra and post-operative care in the following disciplines: Cardiothoracic, Vascular and Surgical Oncology. In addition to surgery, PA Tolliver is also trained in pain management where he treats and manages a variety of care including end of life care. While juggling various disciplines, PA Tolliver has continued to retain his primary care skills, thus resulting in a well-rounded practitioner.

Aside from his passion for medicine, he is still an aviation and outdoor enthusiast. He and his wife, Shadia Sarah Tolliver, are pursuing their Ph.D degrees while still making time for family, weight training, hiking and smoking tasty meats.

What his patients are saying:

Dr. Leslie was super helpful, kind, and courteous! He listened to everything I had to say and helped me with my last-minute problems!”

Leslie Tolliver was thorough in his diagnosis and provided very helpful insight during the diagnostic process. He has a very easy bedside manner.”

 “From the receptionist to PA Tolliver, all the way to the end of the appointment, I truly felt like the people I dealt with at MPFC really cared about my time, treatment and follow-up.”